Selecting a Cabin or Stateroom

After you’ve chosen your destination, cruise line and ship, your stateroom, or cabin, is your next selection.  For some, your cabin is your home away from home while you are on vacation and for others it’s just a place to shower and sleep.  Some of our guests consider their stateroom as their own private paradise where they can kick back, relax & entertain.

Types of Cabins and Staterooms

There are basically four types of accommodations on most cruise ships:

  • Inside / Interior Cabins
  • Outside / Oceanview Cabins
  • Standard Oceanview Cabins with Balconies (or Verandahs)
  • Mini-Suites and Suites

Whatever stateroom category you choose, you should remember that the food, service, entertainment and views from the decks are just as good regardless of where you sleep.

Inside / Interior Cabins – No Window

Inside cabins are cruise ship staterooms that have no windows or portholes. These generally include: two twin beds that can convert into queen-size, private bathroom, vanity area, closed circuit TV, radio and telephone.

These cabins are more economically priced and are often best suited for:

  • Cruisers on a budget
  • Night owls who plan to spend very little time in their cabin
  • Parents purchasing a separate cabin for older, unsupervised children.

Inside cabins are for those passengers who want the best price and have no intention of spending much time in their cabin.

Since inside cabins do not have windows or portholes, it’s difficult to tell the time of day or the current weather conditions without leaving the cabin and going up on deck. If you feel uncomfortable in darker or enclosed spaces, you may want to consider purchasing an Oceanview Cabin.

Outside / Oceanview Cabins – Window Included

Oceanview cabins are also called “Outside Cabins” because passengers in these staterooms have a view to the “outside.” These staterooms offer the same amenities as an inside cabin except the cabins are often larger and include windows or portholes with a view.

On some ships, oceanview cabins are no larger than inside cabins, but the windows make the cabins seem larger and brighter. Not only can you tell the time of day and the weather, also the view is always changing!

Balcony (Verandah) Stateroom

Balcony staterooms offer all of the same amenities as Oceanview Cabins but with the added benefit of a large, glass door that opens out to your own private balcony overlooking the ocean or current port of call. The cabins themselves can be the same size as an Oceanview Stateroom, but the additional square feet of the verandah space adds an outside “room” which includes a couple of deck chairs and small table that is perfect for morning coffee, room service, or private glacier or island viewing.

Some ships offer Deluxe or Superior Balcony category cabins, which can be larger in size than oceanview cabins as the price point goes up and you can select the amount of space that fits your needs.

Balcony cabins are the ultimate way to relax and enjoy your privacy. They are highly recommended for destination specific cruises like Alaska where the scenery and natural beauty is the main reason you want to travel there in the first place.

Mini-Suites and Suites

Suites are the most spacious and elegant staterooms on a cruise ship. Depending on the Suite category and on your cruise ship, Suites can vary in size from 200 square feet to over 1,500 square feet depending on the ship. Not only do they include the basic amenities of balcony cabins, they can also include large sitting areas, walk in closets, and bathrooms with double sinks whirlpool tubs. Some cruise lines offer special benefits to Suite Passengers such as: preferred check in and disembarkation, concierge service, in-room hors d’oeuvres nightly, in-room massages, and even butler service.

Note: These are general, cruise industry descriptions of staterooms.  For specific information about a particular stateroom category on a specific cruise ship, please call for more information

Is a Balcony Stateroom worth it?

There is nothing like having a balcony on a cruise. The view on a cruise is always changing. It’s not “water” it’s the vast ocean.  Whether you’re sailing along the Inside Passage of Alaska, cruising the Mediterranean, or docked among the pink pastels of Bermuda, you have an almost constant view of some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Private balconies are also a great way to escape the crowds. You can enjoy the same view from your own deck chair while having a cup of coffee – but without the crowds.  Balcony cabins seem bigger as well. With a balcony, it’s almost as though you have floor to ceiling window to the most magnificent views in the world. In our opinion, if you are already spending the money and taking time to go to on a cruise, we think you should treat yourself to a balcony as well. So the answer is “yes”. A balcony stateroom is worth it.

Connecting Staterooms

Just like adjoining hotel rooms, connecting Staterooms are adjoining cabins that have a door that connects the two of them. These are popular with couples traveling with their kids because of the door inside the stateroom that allows access to the other room.  If you need connecting cabins or staterooms that are next to each other, you should always call us for booking assistance.

Wheelchair Accessible Staterooms

Cruise ships have a limited number of wheelchair accessible staterooms on each sailing. Since there is no way to specifically select a particular, wheelchair stateroom online, we highly recommend that you call and speak with a Cruise Specialist. In addition to helping you find the best stateroom, your Cruise Specialist will help you with regards to other special needs you may have while traveling.