Plan Your Trip

Plan Your Trip

Did you know that using a travel agent is FREE?

Carmel Travel Company agents feel that providing the highest customer service and professional travel advice to our clients is a WIN, WIN, WIN proposition!  Here’s how that works!

  • You WIN because you get the advice of an experienced travel professional at no charge to you.
  • We WIN because we get paid commission directly from our travel vendors for the trips we book for our clients.
  • Our travel vendors WIN because they get the benefit of full-time sales professionals (who handle all aspects of their clients’ trips from beginning to end) without paying full-time employees.

The travel industry has the commission amounts for travel agents already built into the prices of cruises, hotel stays, tours and even most airfare.  These commissions are only available to qualified, credentialed professionals and are not available to the everyday consumer as discounts even when you book directly with the vendor.  (When you do that, they get to keep the extra commissions they did not pay a travel agent.  However, then the vendors’ have to service the client needs themselves and they’d really prefer travel agents to do that because it’s been proven that we travel agents bring more qualified, informed clients into the mix.)

How we help plan your perfect getaway…

  • First, our process starts with a phone consultation about your needs.
  • Then, we send you a travel survey to complete that will give us some basic personal information as well as a take on your likes and personal preferences.
  • We follow up with a personal meeting to show you a few sample itineraries that we put together especially for you.  Deposits can be placed at that time, or we can tweak our plans until you are satisfied with the results!
  • After that, we place your deposit and walk you thru all your options like airfare, room-types, tour & excursion opportunities, upgrades, travel insurance, etc.
  • We provide detailed information on your hotel, resort, tour and even provide information about your destination(s).
  • We remain in constant contact with you throughout the trip booking process and during the trip (if necessary).
  • After your return from your trip, we follow-up with you and are your advocates in case you need any assistance.

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