Ready to follow a new path? How about a back road?


back road

•    Part of Speech:  noun
•    Definition:  non-main road, a  little-used secondary road, especially one through a rural or sparsely populated area
•    Synonyms:  alley, alleyway, back street, side street, country road, detour
•    Definition for detour:  indirect course
•    Synonyms for detour:  alternate route, bypass, bypath, byway, circuit, circuitous route,  deviation, divergence, diversion, fork, roundabout way, runaround, secondary highway, etc.

Backroads Italian Biking Trip

I love the synonyms for the word detour.  A deviation, divergence or bypassing the main road.
Isn’t that what you want to do while on vacation?  Deviate from your norm?  Take a back road and diverge from your normal path.

We can help you do that with an adventure tour company called Backroads.  We, at Carmel Travel Company, are newly appointed, certified, Backroads Travel Specialists.

Backroads adventure trips are designed for families, adults and children of all ages and physical ability levels.  Travelers can choose to stay in a premiere inn, a casual inn, or deluxe family camping.   The trips average in length of 5 days but some are as long as 11 days.  The traveler has the flexibility to choose the activity level and length each day to allow for additional activities and sightseeing.

Backroads makes adventure travel easy with their all-inclusive packages and trained travel experts to lead the way.  With nothing to worry about, travelers are able to enjoy the experience and have fun!
The next time you are ready to take a “detour”, call the travel consultants at Carmel Travel Company today to schedule your next vacation.