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Kalalau Valley Lookout

Kalalau Valley Lookout

Among other things, I am a Hawaiian Islands Specialist.  When I first became a Travel Agent, I chose this specialty because of my love of the Hawaiian islands, the Hawaiian people and their culture.  I have traveled to Hawaii many times, often on business, or to accompany my husband on business, but always for pleasure, as it is indeed a pleasure to visit this island paradise.

The romantic nature of visiting the Hawaiian Islands with my husband made me want to share the Hawaii experience with honeymooners and with those seeking to get married in Hawaii.  There are sunsets to see every evening and beaches to explore every day.  The special moments that you experience in Hawaii are even more memorable when you share them.

Hawaii is lush and beautiful.  It is a tropical paradise and so much more.  There are so many different eco-systems on each of the different islands; it makes for many different microclimates and things to do.  There is the adventure of surfing the big waves and the relaxation of beautiful black sand beaches.  Or, you can take a bicycle ride down Waimea Canyon on Kauai and enjoy the amazing scenery.

Many of the experiences you can enjoy in Hawaii are free or come at a very low cost.  Drive the road to Hana on Maui, enjoy the public transportation in Oahu and stop by Leahi (Diamond Head State Monument) or enjoy the many festivals that take place in Hawaii…many of them offer free admission.

Whatever you choose to do in Hawaii, I’m sure you will go away wanting more.  I love Hawaii and would love to show you and your loved one the Hawaii that I love.  As the owner of Carmel Travel Company, I would like your Hawaiian vacation (honeymoon or destination wedding) to start here…

Melisa Keiser, Owner

Carmel Travel Company